Ahad, 27 Mei 2012

女性との会話に自信がない場合 [If you do not have confidence in the conversation with the woman]


そ れから、感動する映画を観ることで感動の共有、恐怖映画は恐怖の共有、そのほか楽しさの共有ができるところなどデートコースによって同じ共有ができるので す。それにより、自然は会話ができるようになり、相手に親近感がわき、緊張もほぐれます。このことから会話がスムーズになっていくことも期待できますよ ね。


Men without confidence in the conversation is fine with women and dating. Because men unvocal, it seems to have become surprisingly trouble.
Do not forget that in this case, that continue to the conversation around the topic of women in the other anyway. Otherwise, the story would doodling the topic of your own, you may become more and more interesting in conversation.
With respect to the topic of women, such as hobby. And I think whether I not it be nice to hear, such as a hobby.
If you do not have confidence is to think of course still dating. For example, it can be called human empathy both fear and excitement, joy, joy, sadness, a feeling like this is the most heart leads. Therefore, it is a natural thing to come out conversation.
So, excuse about intense emotions and empathy. There is an amusement park roller coaster, for example. There is also a haunted house. So you can share these of terror.
Then, by looking at the share of excitement, inspiring movies, horror movie share of fear, it is the same that can be shared by such date course where you can share the joy of other. Thus, nature will be able to converse, I feel close to the other side, you also loosen tension. So you can expect that the conversation is going smoothly made from this.
Consider: What if the course date if there is no confidence in the conversation this way. I think friends surely be able to speak.

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